From Russia with love.

I am in Yaroslavl! The journey was hectic. Getting to the airport went ok, going through customs was ok (I didn’t even get frisked which is a standard procedure whenever i travel anywhere) the flight was pretty much uneventful and being put on the bus went as smoothly as can be expected. Minus mild overheating and exhaustion. However, it then started hammering it down with rain and as it got dark and we attempted to sleep the driver decided to put on some, what can only be described as school disco music mixed in with a bit of rave music.

Then the bus dropped us at the “last stop”,, only it wasn’t. As three of us had been forgotten and were therefore left on the side of the road (with the organisers of course) at 2am. A taxi then picked up one girl and took her to her hoz. Then took me and a guy to ours. He went first and i then discovered they didn’t actually have my hozs number and therefore she would have no clue why i hadn’t turned up at the bus stop she had been waiting at or hours. She had gone home and obiously we couldn’t phone her and due to the secureness of Russian flat blocks we could not knock on her door. Everntually someone took pity and let Julia (the organiser) in and i met my hoz. She is lovely. More smiley than Russians tend to be and definitely with a hint of eccentricity. When we got inside she gave me a tour,included showing me how to hand towels from ropes on the ceiling with nice sounds effects as she threw the towels in the air. I told her my name which she could not say so i said she could call me Clara. She then cooked me and nice fish at 3am which i was told to eat all of. We then had tea. And sweets. And milk. I wanted to go to bed but she wanted to chat which i suppose was nice. Though not after almost 20hrs of travel. When i finally got to bed it was COLD (am now scared how cold it will be when its actually winter…)

Then came the morning. Didn’t sleep much due to coldness and a squeaky bed. But had an awesome breakfast! I had pancakes which were pretty much made with sour cream chese and oil (sounded disgusting to me too) with ckyzhni moloko which is sweet milky thick custardy stuff. Its delish.

2nd day:

The most important thing to mention is that I managed to find my way home. By myself. Having not walked it before. Was pretty proud. I have an extremely poor sense of direction so this was a huge achievement.

Dinner- had a pretty yummy mix of fried potatoes and stuffed peppers and tomato. Although it was ruined when she insisted that it tasted better with sour cream. It did not. I then gave her my gift of some shortbread from marks and spencers. She was very excited. She says English biscuits are amazing. As we started to eat them the phone rang, so she expressed her appreciation with thumbs up, milk eyes and the odd “DELICIOUS”. Her mum was probably confused.

Today (Sunday) me and Ali trekked to McDonalds to find some internet. Needless to say it was successful. It is quite a nice day today, it has been raining and been quite cold but today its sunny! Apparently we are awaiting “womens summer” which is a 1-2weeks period in september when it will be hot…and then it will start snowing and be freezing. Looking forward to that…

Anyway, До Завтра x

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One Response to From Russia with love.

  1. em says:

    loving the blog
    journey sounds like hell i was like oh no chloeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
    of course m&s is the best!! ill send you some more if you give me your address 🙂
    miss you
    stay safe

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