One week down!

I have been in Yaroslavl a while now and the culture shock has still not hit. Its really different here, even the town doesn’t look anything like an English or even European town.  In Russia you have to learn not to judge things based on appearance: the most downtrodden building can be hiding a luxury banya or a shopping centre. This for instance, is my flat (top floor). If this was in England you would assume it is in a pretty dodgy area.


Tuesday we went to a cafe for lunch, which looked tiny but inside it was amazing! It was clearly meant to look like an old fashioned bar but i thought it was more like some kind of torture chamber… the salad was nice though.

Food is another huge difference. I no longer look forward to dinner, the anticipation is more one of worry than anything else. My food has been quite delicious so far (apart from when she gave me some liver to try and when i had pig fat and goodness knows what else compacted into a white block).

We have all been noticing how different the women look over here. They all wear knee high boots with huge heels with miniskirts. And many have dodgy hair, however mostly, they are stunning. They just have that catwalk look and catwalk attitude. We look very out of place in out jeans and jumpers, although i think even in Russia clothes we would look out of place due to our lack of attitude and lack of ability to walk in heels all day.

University is going okay, we have only had three days though and already my brain hurts! The teachers speak mainly in Russian and we can understand it mostly but it takes a lot of concentration, i’m already finding myself drifting off. On Wednesday we found out that our groups lessons will no longer be from nine until one, but will be from 1:40pm until 6pm. Hello lay in! Tanya will be pleased as all she likes to so is sleep. We are not so sure it will be as great, as we cannot go away for the weekend on a Friday afternoon or hang out with the rest of the group in the afternoons.

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