When it rains

Last weekend we went to a night club which was hilarious. It was definitely surreal. The club had a restaurant section on the side of the dance floor, which is usual for Russian clubs due to the idea that one must always drink when they eat. There were also women in underwear dancing on the state, not really in time to the music or each other: this was also novel. However we accepted both these abnormalities as usual of Russian clubs. However, halfway through a song a man came on stage and in the style of youth camps or 18-25’s holidays he started a game. This involved very drunk people dancing with each other on stage and putting tissues in their clothes to win a bottle of champagne. Interesting. Then some men in phantom of the opera-esque masks came on stage and started dancing in a very odd style. Overall it was surreal. It can’t really be described!

The rain has been hammering down for two days down. Literally non-stop. The unevenness of the pavements combined with this rain means interesting and challenging walks to university- the rain fills the pavements to the point that they do not exist, rivers and lakes are instead in their place. Tanya tells me that in approximately two weeks it will start to get cold and possibly start to snow. This also means the heating may get turned on (the mysterious “they” decide when it comes on”) and my room may be finally warm! Maybe.

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2 Responses to When it rains

  1. your real brother :) says:

    heh, glad to see you are having a good time 😀 this blog is great!

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