Ice Hockey and Moscow!

Last week was pretty amazing. On Thursday we went to the Ice Hockey- Yaroslavl Vs someone else (it doesn’t really matter- Yaroslavl won!). The match was very enjoyable, particularly due to the level of violence! Fights between the two teams kept breaking out and the referees did not intervene until one of them hit the floor, which surprisingly took quite a while. Even without fighting, the game would have been entertaining, it’s so fast based and we all found ourselves getting dragged into the cheering and heckling of the crowds- an amazing atmosphere!

After a very early start and a long walk, at 7am on Friday morning we left for Moscow. The journey was long and there was very little to see: on a five hour train journey we saw approximately 3 towns, 2 cows and between these exciting moments all we saw was trees, trees and more trees. The first day we walked around the city and pretty much just found our bearings (although mine were not to be found). On Friday evening we went to a bar and a night club (which was very difficult to find). On Saturday we left the Hostel at 8am and explored the city yet again. We saw the Kremlin and Red square which are both very beautiful, on Sunday we saw Lenin’s body in the mausoleum (which was disturbing to say the least) and we went to an art museum (although first we accidently bought tickets to a real estate exhibition…) which was interesting for the last half hour but for the first half it was pretty much squares and such. Not art in my opinion. All in all it was a great weekend but now we are all exhausted!

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