Tea Party

Today Ali, Nathan and I went to volunteer at an orphanage. We got a taxi to where the orphanage was and the entire place was pretty much derelict! All the buildings looked run down (well, more so than the rest of Yarslavl) and all in all it was a pretty scary, depressing place. We eventually found the orphanage and met the staff and some of the children and the fun began! They were celebrating the birthday of Yarosavl so first we went outside in the freezing cold and rain and planted some bushes to commemorate the occasion! All the children, and me and Ali, had to dig with our hands and put the plants in the ground and the men were in charge of digging and water carrying. We then went into the hall where there was a long table with cakes and tea and we sat and watched some performances but the children and played games. We are not sure what we will be doing there in the future but they seemed very keen for us to come back on a regular basis, and the children were very cute.

After the orphanage we found a taxi and went to the Hockey stadium. However halway I realised I had lost my ticket and therefore would not be able to get in. Lucky. The plan was to try my luck at the door, perhaps with some bribery but the bouncers were terrifying so I made the hour journey home in the rain and darkness by myself. Much more fun than hockey anyway.

It is starting to get dark so early now! By six o clock today it was already getting pretty dark. Winter is definitely also starting to rear its ugly head in the form of ice, freezing winds and sleet. Luckily I have found a coat, I am going to look like a michellin man.

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2 Responses to Tea Party

  1. Susie nightingale says:

    Hi Chloe ihope you get this I have just purchased an I pad I can now send emails it only took 2yrs I sent 1to your dad his reply was bloody hell! I am glad you are getting on ok 1of my volunteers lived in Russia she worked for the f/office she wants to read your blog it sounds very cold and a very different way of life is there anything I can send you for the orphans or is not possible i will see you at Xmas I expect Keep warm. Love suex

    • Hellooo! yes its a very differnt way of life…everything was odd at first but im getting used to it! im not sure if we are volunteering anymore as they keep saying “we will discuss it soon” i think we were just invited to the party as a one off. Dont think you can send anything anyway as they are very strict about sending things here!
      yep see you at christmas! x

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