Today we discovered that we made it into the Russian papers! There was an article entitled “Planting bushes with foreigners”. The article says that we spoke Russian well and did not hold pack in getting involved with the games. Clearly they were pleased that we went, but I’m pretty sure we only made it into the paper because we are foreign and therefore exciting.

Today was the first proper snow! It was so exciting! The snow is actually settling, it’s a shame we are leaving tomorrow but hopefully it will be nice and deep by the time we get back. We only received our Multi-entry visas today (we had to apply for a different type in order to get in and out of the country) but at least they were just on time! At 7am we get the train to Moscow and then on Monday we are off to Kiev for a few days where we are going to Pripriyat, (we told our teacher that we will be going to Pripriyat in reading week and she replied “The devil is taking you there”. Reassuring.) some caves where there are lots of dead monks (no idea what its called) and we are also planning to see the place where Yaroslav is buried. Exciting! It won’t exactly be a restful reading week.

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