The Play!

Last week we rehearsed everyday for a play: Chekhov’s “Svadba” (Wedding party). We were all given parts, which we had no say in as our teacher decided who would be best for which part. Luckily I was only given a few lines which I did not even know on the day of the play, good one. I was a wise sister of the bride, giving her advice on marriage which basically included telling her not to give him any money and that he doesn’t love her. What a nice sister.

The three sisters

On Wednesday we went to chose our costumes which was a dire experience. I had to try on some hideous dresses, which thank goodness did not fit, and got given a mildly hideous dress anyway. I was also given a blonde afro wig to wear (but luckily before the play they decided to give me another one…).

Before the play we were all really nervous and reciting our lines, and also laughing at everyone being forced to wear horrible make up and costumes. The play started with a dance with the guys and girls, in which we had to “freestyle” dance which was awkward…the play then got in full swing with arguments between the groom and the mother of the bride, many hilarious dances and a deaf old man stealing the show. It went really well and the audience laughed a lot (whether at the script or at us it is hard to tell).

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