One month left!

Yesterday we went sledging! It took a while to find somewhere due to the flatness of Yaroslavl, but we eventually found a stadium with grass banks which we could sledge down. The snow was so deep that first we had to roll down without sledges to make a track, or we would have just sunk. It hasn’t stopped snowing in three days now, apparently we have had a months worth of snow so far as it should have started snowing ages ago! (It should also be minus ten but its only around minus two at the moment, practically tropical!). We thought we would make the most of the snow while it is warm enough to get wet and not die of hypothermia on the way home. Everywhere looks so pretty! They have only just started to properly clear the paths and the roads so before it was a mission to get anywhere, but worth it to see the snow untouched! There are many little old ladies who shovel the snow from the paths each morning, men who throw the snow off the roofs (because apparently a lot of people die from falling snow and icicles every year…) and people pumping the snow on the river bank into the river. They are all very organised, but it is still very difficult to walk on the ice and public transport is twice as slow.

On another note, just under one month left!


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