On Saturday we made an impromptu trip to Rostov Veliky which is a very small town only an hour away from Yaroslavl. When we arrived we were immediately struck by its size and bleakness but we decided to give it a chance. First we walked to the Kremlin which was in fact beautiful! Its meant to be one of the prettiest ones (Moscow winning in that respect of course)

We then walked along the lake to the monastery. The lake was frozen solid! The walk was quite nice but we were absolutely freezing so a snowball fight was in order to warm up.

We are now experiencing the proper Russian winter! Today it was -25 degrees! I don’t actually feel that cold yet which is suprising, I don’t have to wear any more layers than usual as my Russian coat does the trick! However the cold on your face is a different story. It reals like you are being repeatedly slapped in the face, your nose feels like it is going to fall off and when you breathe it feels like your nostrils are freezing together inside. Today my breath froze on my scarf and my hair, making my hair white and crispy…interesting!


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