настоящая зима

The last week has been absolutely freezing, at one point it was hitting lows of almost minus 30! And yes it is as cold as it sounds. As soon as you go outside the cold hits your face and your nostril hairs freeze so when you breathe in you can feel the ice. You cannot have your gloves off for more than a few seconds or your hands have no chance of becoming warm again. My hair freezes and goes white. My headphones and handbag go stiff from the cold. My mobile phone refuses to work. The dire cold also makes walking anywhere near impossible. The slush has turned to sheer ice which is completely uneven, you live in fear of the huge icicles that hang from buildings falling on your head or snow falling from the roofs of buildings burying you on your way to work. Walking to university is like an obstacle course. Its all very fun!

Despite all this I am rarely actually cold (minus the face) because I have bought an awesome Russian coat and perfected the art of layering. Three t-shirt’s a jumper and coat, scarf, hat, gloves, thermals tights and jeans, and two pairs of socks: and your ready to go.

However, recently it has been hotting up and today we experienced a tropical temperature of minus 5! I never thought I would consider this mild. This means it has been snowing again! The sheer ice has been covered with soft fluffy snow, which doesn’t necessarily make it easier to walk on. Apparently we will have a few days of this wonderful weather and then the temperature will plummet again and stay low until march time.

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