What I won’t miss about Russia

1.Mulletts: They just aren’t kind to the eyes.

Food and odd eating rules- no knives, drink tea from the saucer, put oil/mayonnaise/Smetana on everything. All food being fried within an inch of its life, even pasta, and sometimes refried to reheat it. Its just delicious.

Lack of personal space: People standing right behind you in an empty shop, right next to you at a clear bus stop.

Mystery meat: do not question why the chicken you order is grey or what that is floating in your soup. It’s best not to know most of the time.

The general Russian manner: People not smiling (and if they do smile thinking they are mentally unstable or drunk)-usually drunk. I am definitely used to just staring people out on the street, not saying thank you or please ever, never smiling at anyone.

The cold: Although I’m not completely against the cold it may be quite nice to breathe and not have your nose/hair freeze.

Being started at unsubtly:  Apparently it’s normal on public transport to just pick someone and stare at them for the duration of the journey. As we are foreign this is usually us. If we are walking along the street talking people literally stop, turn around and stare at us until we pass. It’s unnerving.

Drunks: No matter what the time of day a drunk male is likely to stumble across your path/be laying in the middle of the street. This makes is risky speaking in English as, although usually docile, the drunks like to make fun of/attempt to talk to foreigners.

Uneven pavements/ice/snow: I’m not sure what’s worse; the sheer ice in winter or the flowing rivers in autumn, but no matter what the weather walking anywhere is a mission.

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