Last Day in the Slavl

Today was our last day in Yaroslavl. Unfortunately we had to have lessons but we spent half of them watching Russian cartoons and fairy tales. All of which are extremely odd.
After University we had a “Party” in a derelict old building which is now an art gallery of sorts. English health and safety regulations would not have allowed us to even be in there, the stairs were falling to pieces and the floor boards barely held us. The building had a mixture of art, random old objects and furniture and various children’s toys and such. We had a tour when we got there and then had our party in the basement. They had decorated a bit with tinsel and we had an open fire. Our certificates were handed out and the teachers (in true Russian style) gave a serious of heartfelt toasts with champagne. It was a nice end to our time here and the teahcers were clearly sad to see us leave.
Then we ruined it by having lunch in McDonalds.
I am now home and attempting to fit 4months worth of stuff in one suitcase.


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