The Other Side

Today we had a full on blizzard! The snow was so heavy pretty much all day! I went out into the courtyard to my flat and I almost sunk!  Here we were thinking that it would get warmer soon and the snow would start to melt…Although today was actually a rather tropical minus 7 degrees so some lovely slush has begun to appear and the icicles are becoming less perilous.

This evening we went to a bar called “The Other Side”, which apparently is an “ExPat” bar (a term which I had never heard of before coming to Russia) but was really nice and cosy and does amazing food. On our travels we have seen a lot of English-style Pubs and Irish Pubs etc, they clearly cater for the foreigners here so I will be able to get hold of fish and chips or a curry whenever I like!  Wehave found a supermarket which does food from lots of different countries so we can get curry paste, baked beans, soy sauce…etc. But all at extortionate prices! So when I want to treat myself a Thai Green Curry is an actual possibility.

Not much else going on at the moment. Most things to do here require wandering around outside for ages (which we do and then have to find warmth in a cafe every half hour) or would be cheaper when we get student cards so at the moment we have taken the wandering option and seen a few sights. On Friday we went to see the Church of the Spilled Blood and Kazan Cathedral, both of which are very pretty, and had a walk around a park nearby but our feet soon froze and we found somewhere to get a hot chocolate. It is still so nice to see everything all covered in snow, but I can already feel myself getting bored of the cold and the effort it takes to walk without falling over or being knee deep in snow. I have already had 4 months of this, no more please!


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