Into week 3!

This week the weather has got a little worse. Its warmer, but the melting ice is turning the paths into rivers. Then today we had a blizzard! Very unpredictable.

Yesterday we went out to a bar in the evening for a friends birthday. I decided to wear heels as it was, apparently, quite a posh cocktail bar and I thought seeing as Russian women always wear heels it can’t be too hard! The courtyard to my flat is just pure ice, they haven’t cleared the snow so as its melted it has just turned to thick, uneven ice. Brilliant! It took me about ten minutes to get from the door to the street but after that it was fine as they clear the paths. I don’t know how the women can wear heels all the time, ecspecially in the deep snow. They are mad!

Today we went to the Hermitage to volunteer. There is so much we can do! In the gallery we will be generally wandering around giving people directions, answering questions etc. Sometimes we will be behind the scenes making fliers and booklets, planning lessons and events for tour groups. And when there are concerts or plays or events we will be helping out there! All sounds very cool! This sunday I am in the gallery by the entrance and will just be a “ask me anything” kind of person. Which is interesting seeing as I have only been to the Hermitage a few times and don’t really know my way around! Never mind eh.

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