The Proposal

The weather is still a constant source of annoyance. Considering it is so sunny and it is nearly April. , it is COLD. Today was a delightful minus ten and the wind was so strong it felt freezing.

Considering the weather, today was a wonderful day to be working in the attic/roof of the Hermitage! It was so cold we couldn’t feel our hands: not exactly conducive to hanging expensive works of art! This weekend is the celebration of the Hermitage cats (under the palace there are a series of tunnels and in these tunnels live hundreds of cats-the hermitage cats-and they are there to keep rats at bay) so today we were helping with preparations. Tomorrow an exhibition, which basically consists of pictures of cats, will be held in the attic so today we helped hang the paintings and make the attic look presentable.

In other news, I was proposed to the other day! A nice old man was walking alongside me on my way to a friends and he said I was very pretty and that I had a nice coat (what a line eh!) He then asked me if I was married- no- and what kind of husband I would like. I replied that I am not sure and he said he knows, “you need a husband who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and won’t hit you”. How spot on he is, I thought….He then informed me this is in fact him and I should therefore marry him.  Luckily at this point I arrived at the entrance to my friends flat and she, with excellent timing, appeared at the door. I politely said goodbye to the man and he replied “ I am being serious…would you like my number and we can marry?”…I declined. I think this shows a fair deal about what Russians expect from a marriage, madness!

A similar story…every time I pass the metro station/meet a friend there, this little old Bab always comes up to me and tells me that I am a “Красавица” (Beauty) and will have wonderful luck in life. I think she wants money.

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