Царское Цело

I am 21! Yay! My Birthday was fun 🙂 My friends threw me a party at their flat on Saturday night, which was a “suprise” but they really werent very subtle about it. In the morning they went to a pattiserie and bought croissants and things for breakfast 🙂 was lovely. And then that evening we went to a Georgian restaurant for dinner which was yummy.

This week has been reading week. We haven’t done much. I volunteered at the Hermitage a few days and me and my friend Alisa went to Tsarskoe Selo which is a summer palace about half an hour from the centre. It was Beautiful.

The snow had still not melted but it was beautifully sunny and warm for the first time since we have been here! We were sitting on a bench in our jumpers and a lady went past and told us not to get ill…this always happens here, people readily advise you on health matters whether they know you or not! We had made three mistakes 1. sitting on a cold surface with no blanket (we will no longer be able to have children), 2. not wearing a hat and 3. not wearing a coat (we will get a cold).

The gardens are meant to be the most beautiful part of the palace but of course there were no flowers or fountains and the lakes were indistinguishable from the land. It was still amazing though, the snow makes everything look so pretty.

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