The Messengers in St Petersburg

I haven’t posted in nearly a month! Has been a busy one!

Over Easter my mum and dad came to visit 🙂 I played tour guide and took them all around the city. Luckily the weather was nice, although April really isn’t the best time to come as its still cold but there is no snow and not yet any kind of greenery; was sunny though! Day one we went to the Hermitage and got to see a military parade (they were celebrating Russia winning the second world war…) and went for a meal at the Stroganoff Steak house (where the steaks are bigger than your head).

We went to Tsarskoe Selo (the summer palace) and it was a scorching hot day (largely spent waiting to get in due to the wonderful Russian queing system) and Peter and Paul fortress.

Saturday evening we went to the Marinksy Theatre and saw the ballet of Giselle. It was beautiful! That week was a ballet festival and apparently the ballerinas were some of the worlds best. The dancing was incredible.

The following Sunday was easter (apparently one of the rare years when Orthodox Easter coincides with Easter in other churches). At midnight there was a ceremony at St Isaacs (apparently the first time in 20 years, in recent years it had been held in Kazan Cathedral but St Isaacs was the traditional place) which my parents saw on the way home from dinner. The traditional easter day cakes (called Kuhlichi) are basically large muffins with icing and sprinkles on top, and it is also tradition to paint eggs (sadly no chocolate easter eggs in sight!)

The basket of eggs my hoz and her grandson painted

And that concludes their visit (in a nutshell). It was lovely to see them but sad to see them leave! Only two months to go!

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