One month to go!

Some intersting/not interesting  but typically Russian happenings this week:

Our friend has started dating a Russian girl. He says it is exhausting having to make sure he is polite and gentlemanly all the time, and paying for all the meals and buying her flowers all the time is getting too expensive. Why don’t we get this treatment?! I have also reaslied that if you are reasonably young man you can not sit down on public transport. Your duty is to give your seat to old men, children, old ladies and all women in general. This means that as long as none of these groups of society are on the bus or likely to get on the bus, you may take a seat. But may also be yelled at by an old bab anyway.

My friend Jen’s hoz came into her room to show her a WWII bomb he keeps in his bedroom for luck. I would say its very lucky it hasn’t blown up.

Depiste it being around 20 degrees here (yes plus!!) all the old babs are still wearing thick coats done up to the top, scarves wrapped tight around their necks and big puffy boots. They don’t even seem to notice the heat on the busses, (which all still have the heating on because apparently it can’t be turned off)! I think they have been cold for so long its in their bones.

Other than that I don’t really have much of my own news to empart. I have been trying to get my project done before the heat kicks in and I want to be outside all the time but it seems we have had our summer- one week of 20+ degrees and now its torrential downpour. White nights are approaching which is making it very hard to sleep, at the moment sunset is around 11:30 and sunrise is around 3:30. It will only get worse.

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