Here comes the Sun

The weather here has taken a turn for the..crazy. Last night was torrential downpour and blazing heat and today it is around 30 degrees and clear blue skies. Whats going on Russia? I know I have been asking for heat but this is a little much. The Russians are loving in. Despite many babs still sporting their winter coats, most of the older men have taken to the beaches donning speedo’s. They sunbathe against the fortress wall standing up, form volleyball teams and swim in the Neva (which is dirty and diseased. lovely).

We had heard about a beach themed bar just off the main street so on Saturday we decided to check it out. In was unexpected, yet also expectedly Russian. The bar was down a few alleys behing some run down work-shop type buildings and basically consisted of a porta cabin with a bar in and a load of sand with “beach chairs”, ie straw chairs and a few wooden crates with rugs on. On Saturday it is the city’s birthday. There will be parades, fireworks- just lots going on! Very exciting.

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